The Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC) is the first of its kind in Utah County. It was created to serve indigent, uninsured, and underserved citizens of Utah County who sustain orthopedic injuries, undergo surgical correction of orthopedic abnormalities (hips, knees, backs, necks, shoulders, hands, etc.) or who, due to complications surrounding age or disability, are in need of rehabilitation therapy care. These services have not been offered to this population, so whenever such care was needed, most of these patients were not able to rehabilitate to a level of normalcy. This has precluded them from securing employment, carrying out productive lives, or assuming normal activities of daily living.

The Clinic primarily treats physical therapy needs. Our trained and highly skilled staff are licensed, qualified practitioners of rehabilitation therapy assisted by Doctor of Physical Therapy students.

Services Available

Neuromuscular re-education
Lumbar program
Post-surgical rehab
Acute injury care
Chronic rehabilitation
Pediatric physical therapy

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