The Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC) is the first of its kind in Utah County dedicated to serving the uninsured and underserved citizens of Utah County needing physical therapy.

Most all of the patients treated have returned levels of normalcy, secured or continued employment, and now carry on a productive life resuming healthy daily activity.

The Clinic, located in Provo, treats patients with a variety of physical therapy needs. Our trained and highly skilled staff are licensed, qualified practitioners of physical therapy assisted by doctoral and pre-PT students from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Brigham Young University, and Utah Valley University.

Community Rehabilitation Clinic in Utah County Receives Donation from The Kahlert Foundation

2021 CRC Annual Fundraiser

Kahlert Donation

The RMUoHP Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC) is still open and providing pro-bono physical therapy services to the community via telehealth. The CRC staff are busy working with many underserved patients receiving rehabilitation via telehealth. Dr. Crystal Miskin shares her experience working with one of their newest clients, Julie, and how they’ve overcome the barriers of telehealth. Physical Therapist Assistant Bet Hawley is translating for her and Physical Therapy Aide Ben Laudermiclch is filming the interchange Julie and Dr. Miskin.

CRC MS Clinic

MS Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

  • Mission: To provide accessible, high quality, individualized and evidence-based Physical Therapy (PT) & wellness care to individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  • Vision: To advance the quality of rehabilitation and wellness in individuals with MS.

Individuals with MS within the Utah County struggle to find individualized and MS-specific PT rehabilitation and wellness services to address their symptoms and health needs. Healthcare providers trained in providing MS-specific services are aware of various strategies and resources for managing chronic symptoms of the disease and therefore, significantly enhance the health-related outcomes in these individuals.  To address these challenges, our team has established a unique MS-specific physical therapy and wellness program which focusses on enhancing the physical, social, and emotional dimensions in an individual with MS.

At our facility, we place significant importance to:

  • Quality

-PT & wellness services provided to all our patients are designed to meet and progress the recommended standards of care.

  • Collaboration

-Ongoing collaborations between neurologists, assistive technology specialists, pro-bono speech language pathology services, other PT specialties (orthopedic, neurologic, vestibular, pelvic) and clinical researchers allow us to provide immediate and effective referrals.

  • Value

-We value patient/family preferences, current clinical evidence, and developing our clinician’s training and expertise in providing the care that you want.

  • Innovation

-Our approach to PT & wellness in unique, as this is the only clinician-supervised program available at no cost to patients with MS. We also have access to innovative therapies and equipment such the telehealth, functional electrical stimulation (FES), body weight support with biofeedback, wearable motion sensors, eye movement goggles, and pelvic floor biofeedback to enhance patient care.

  • Consumer-Centricity

-We place the patient at the center of our care by incorporating their physical, social, emotional, and access needs when generating physical therapy or wellness plan of care.

  • Access/Equity

-We continue to strive for improved access for individuals with MS in the state of Utah by providing free, clinician-supervised, in-person or online PT & wellness services for individuals with MS.

MS Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

Who can attend/participate in these services:

Anyone diagnosed with MS

When & Where to join:

  • Every Tuesday & Friday, onsite or tele-health
  • 10:00am to 12:00pm
  • 587 S. State Street Provo, UT 84606

What to Expect/Ask in your services:

  • An evaluation with a physical therapist specializing in neurological disorders
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Weekly supervised wellness sessions
Hina Garg, PT, MS, PhD, NCS, CEEAA

(MS Program Director)

[email protected]

Coleby Clawson, PT, DPT

(Clinic Director)

[email protected]

“I am a better person now because I am more functional and I would recommend the MS program” (Mike)

“I was flabbergasted as to how quickly the MS program got rid of some of the problems that I had” (Jody)

Rehabilitation Therapy Services Available

Orthopedic physical therapy
Post-surgical physical therapy
Balance and vestibular rehabilitation
Chronic pain rehabilitation
Neurological rehabilitation
Multiple sclerosis (MS) rehabilitation
Pelvic floor therapy (incontinence)
Physical therapy for pregnant women

Patient Forms
Dr Garg instructing volunteers
Volunteers working on patients at CRC
CRC patient developing balance