For the month of March 2021 this year, in recognition of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month, we at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions MS PT and wellness center conducted the 2021 Annual MS Fundraiser. This fundraiser is a way to not only spread awareness about MS but also to recognize the exercise and wellness efforts of our patients. The fundraiser requires MS center participants to invite donations for the amount of physical activity they accumulate in the months of March and April. This year thirteen patients from our program participated and logged over 1253 miles in 7 weeks! We are so proud of these participants for their commitment to regular physical activity despite their challenges from MS! The participants also recruited donors to sponsor them throughout the fundraiser and raised a total of $3700. We are very thankful for our donors! This money will support our clients by addressing exercise equipment needs at the MS PT and Wellness Center.

This fundraiser involved the entire clinic staff and was generously supported by the RMUoHP Doctor of Physical Therapy Students who volunteered their time and services to spread the word and accumulate donations. This event provided them with a unique service-learning opportunity where they learned about MS and the need to exercise and self-manage.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser! Your time, effort, and donations will allow us at the MS Wellness Center to continue to build our MS community, and provide in-person and tele physical therapy and exercise programs to our clients. Please see the stories below to get to know two of our amazing participants and hear how the MS Wellness Center has served them!

This is Laurel! She has been a participant in the MS Telewellness program at the CRC for over a year, and she’s been such a delight for the CRC staff to work with. Her hard work and dedication to coming to the CRC Telewellness sessions have shown results. She has progressed with most of the measurements we use, and at her week 39 assessment her scores were the best since the beginning of the program! As these scores suggested, Laurel has seen less fatigue and improved function by participating in the MS center.





This is Danny! He has participated in the MS Telewellness program since it started, which was also a year ago. In his free time, he likes to fix up cars and other motor vehicles. He has been committed to the Telewellness, consistently showing up even during several health challenges this past year. His scores have consistently improved, where his week 39 assessment was among his best yet. He reports decreased fatigue, increased function and quality of life and accumulated nearly 40 miles during this challenge!