2021 CRC Annual Fundraiser

For the month of March 2021 this year, in recognition of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month, we at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions MS PT and wellness center conducted the 2021 Annual MS Fundraiser. This fundraiser is a way to not only spread awareness about MS but also to recognize the exercise [...]

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Patient of the Month – Matthew 2020

Matthew "My left ankle was injured in a rock climbing accident 4 months prior to seeking out help. After healing progression stopped with lingering pain and limited mobility, an MRI was taken and I was referred to physical therapy to address strengthening and relieving my pain. Mountainlands Community Health Center suggested the Community Rehabilitation Clinic [...]

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Volunteer of the Month – Claire 2019

CLAIRE UVU student "I heard about the CRC through a friend who was a translator that volunteered there. I was looking for volunteer hours for application to Physical Therapy schools and to get experience in a Physical Therapy clinic. I have been volunteering at the CRC and helping patients with exercise, cleaning and changing beds [...]

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2018-2020 Status Reports

2018 Status Reports CRC 4th Quarter 2018 Status Report January 2019 CRC 3rd Quarter 2018 Status Report November 2018 CRC 2nd Quarter 2018 Status Report August 2018 CRC 1st Quarter 2018 Status Report May 2018 CRC 2017 Status Report 2019 Status Reports 2019 CRC Annual Status Report 2019 CRC 1st Quarter Status Report 2019 CRC [...]

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