Patient of the Month Photo

I had an accident in 2013 and had surgery; over the years, even though I had physical therapy, my right arm had deteriorated to a state where I barely could use my right arm to write. I couldn’t play with my kids and do things around the house. With every year, my shoulder and back got stiffer as well.

We have little money and my insurance wouldn’t let me go back to physical therapy due to the fact the pain and stiffness was due to a previous accident. My primary doctor is in the same building as the CRC so I got the reference online and through friends.

The CRC clinic has helped me more than I can say. I can use my shoulder again and my back is a lot stronger. I can play with my children, pick them up, and chores to help my husband. I’m so much stronger. It’s kind of saved my family! Now I’m working on my health, so the future is saved.