Patient of the Month Photo

“I have been in pain for more than 12 years. I was always in a bad mood and disliked it when anyone would touch me due to how much it hurt. My physical condition and lack of activities affected my personal life in a huge way.

I heard about the Community Rehabilitation Clinic through Mountainlands Family Health Center and figured I’d take a chance on it.

Before, I was very limited and couldn’t have a normal life, couldn’t exercise at all, missed running, and couldn’t sleep at nights. It was incredible, the change I have gone through while being at the CRC.

Now I can say that I can exercise, have good rest, good humor, feel happy, enjoy life, face problems with different perspective, and my life has been changed in a huge way.

My mom the other day gave me a hug and started crying because she could hug me. She said I wouldn’t let her hug me because of the pain. Now, for the first time in 12 years, I can hug my mom.”