Patient of the Month Photo

“A while back, I was struggling with a strong pain that didn’t allow me to be sitting down for long periods of time, I could barely walk, and all hours of the day I struggles with a permanent pain that hurt me no matter the position I was in. The pain was at a level that radiated in my lower back that radiated down my hip and into my left leg. It was swollen and it was causing a huge issue with doing anything in my life.

One of my friends recommended the Community Rehabilitation Clinic. It was close to my house and I didn’t have insurance.

It helped me so much! During the therapy sessions, I found that it was incredible the transformation. I started progressing during treatments and now I can do so much more that I couldn’t do before! Now I can walk to my therapy sessions, get up and down from sitting position and stairs. I can even lift up heavy things! I feel amazing now!”