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Patient of the Month – Peggy

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“I learned about the Community Rehabilitation Clinic from my daughter. I am getting a little more mature, so I had challenges that needed help. My knee would hurt when going up and down stairs and if I walked very long. I also needed to increase strength in my legs. I have been very pleased with everybody at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic: Colby, Hina, Crystal, Bet, Natisha, and other workers. They have all been very helpful and professional. They know what needs to be done. I am feeling lots better and am still working with my exercises. I have worked out in the Clinic and through Telehealth and both have been very helpful. Thanks to everyone at the CRC. I would recommend it to anyone and am grateful there is a place like this that can help those of us in low income.”

Patient of the Month – September 2019

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“I was referred to the clinic because in a previous job, I hit my left knee. Because of that, I was unable to work and lost my job. The prognosis of a surgery terrified me, since I couldn’t walk a block or stand for more than 20 minutes. Sitting and standing was very painful. I was referred from Mountainlands Health Clinic.

I am now feeling great and have learned things I can do when my knee starts to hurt. I am more confident in my ability to maintain my knee health. The knowledge and experience that Bet and everyone who helped my recovery process has been a great blessing. The words are missing to express my gratitude.”

Patient of the Month – June 2019

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“I had very limited movement in my left shoulder and anytime I tried to lift my arm, it was very painful. It was hard to put on clothes, do everyday activities, and even do simple things like put on my seatbelt.

I used to help the Community Rehabilitation Clinic out when I worked for Provo City, but I remembered it when Mountainlands Family Health Center mentioned that physical therapy would be the best thing for me. I decided on the CRC because I don’t have insurance and it was free and close to my house.

After therapy, I feel incredible! My shoulder has improved and because of that, so has my quality of life! I can now work out which helps my health a ton as well.  I can even put on my seatbelt now without pain!  Everyday tasks are now possible!

Patient of the Month – April 2019

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I had an accident in 2013 and had surgery; over the years, even though I had physical therapy, my right arm had deteriorated to a state where I barely could use my right arm to write. I couldn’t play with my kids and do things around the house. With every year, my shoulder and back got stiffer as well.

We have little money and my insurance wouldn’t let me go back to physical therapy due to the fact the pain and stiffness was due to a previous accident. My primary doctor is in the same building as the CRC so I got the reference online and through friends.

The CRC clinic has helped me more than I can say. I can use my shoulder again and my back is a lot stronger. I can play with my children, pick them up, and chores to help my husband. I’m so much stronger. It’s kind of saved my family! Now I’m working on my health, so the future is saved.

Patient of the Month – March 2019

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“Last December, there came a few days that I began to not be able to walk. The pain became so bad that I went to Urgent Care, thinking that I had broken something. They told me it was sciatic pain and sent me to Mountainlands Family Health Center. At Mountainlands, they said that it was best if I started physical therapy at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic next door, so I went.

“I began to do exercises and got dry needled and I found things getting so much better. I can walk, bend over, stand up and sit down from the floor without any problems now!”

Patient of the Month – February 2019

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“I started having intense pain in my hip and my left knee. Because of this and some added weakness, I took a few falls at work and couldn’t work anymore. It was a job that I’d been at for about 30 years and it was hard for me because I was on my feet all the time. Mountainlands Family Health Center referred me to the Community Rehabilitation Clinic next door to talk to them about doing physical therapy. I decided to go and am very happy I did. Throughout my treatments, I have found so much help! My pain went down a lot. I can now walk without pain, go up and down stairs without so much effort, and get in and out of my car with less pain and effort.”

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