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Patient of the Month – January 2019

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“I had lumbar pain off and on since 2000 and eventually had a discectomy L4-L5 6/17 and it never healed correctly. After being homeless, the pain became worse than before surgery. I was referred through Mountainlands Community Health Center to the Community Rehabilitation Clinic. I attended physical therapy back in February of 2017 that helped me out until, in October of 2018, I had a lumbar fusion. They told me I needed to go back to physical therapy – it was a necessity for post operation.

Foremost, I am treated with respect and dignity at the CRC. The staff of the Community Rehabilitation Clinic are personable, highly professional and involve me 100% in the entire process. While I was unable to avoid the second surgery, I have always seen progress in decreased pain levels, increased strength and increased stamina. I am allowed to keep pace and slow down if I feel pain. The CRC staff is great and laugh at my silly jokes.”

Patient of the Month – December 2018

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“I started having a pain in my chest and upper back that caused me to be unable to move a lot. On top of that, I already had low back pain and leg pain that made it hard to walk or move without pain. Life had become quite difficult for me. I started realizing that sometimes we don’t appreciate our bodies enough until you can’t move anymore without pain.

I received a referral from Mountainlands Family Health Center, where I would be able to receive physical therapy without paying money. This was great because I couldn’t afford it.

I am so grateful! Because of physical therapy, my range of movement has improved and I can return to my regular life. Thanks to the work of all of those who work at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic, especially the physical therapists and assistants, I have been able to go back to living. I am a very active person and not being able to move without pain was limiting me so much.

Thank you to everyone!”

Patient of the Month – November 2018

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“I have been in pain for more than 12 years. I was always in a bad mood and disliked it when anyone would touch me due to how much it hurt. My physical condition and lack of activities affected my personal life in a huge way.

I heard about the Community Rehabilitation Clinic through Mountainlands Family Health Center and figured I’d take a chance on it.

Before, I was very limited and couldn’t have a normal life, couldn’t exercise at all, missed running, and couldn’t sleep at nights. It was incredible, the change I have gone through while being at the CRC.

Now I can say that I can exercise, have good rest, good humor, feel happy, enjoy life, face problems with different perspective, and my life has been changed in a huge way.

My mom the other day gave me a hug and started crying because she could hug me. She said I wouldn’t let her hug me because of the pain. Now, for the first time in 12 years, I can hug my mom.”

Patient of the Month – October 2018

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“I broke my ankle in three places and had to have surgery to fix it. I got a plate, nine screws, and two bands to fix it. I came to physical therapy because the doctor gave me orders to and I couldn’t walk or run without a limp or pain.

A former roommate referred me to go to the Community Rehabilitation Clinic.  I chose the CRC because he told me how good this Clinic was and how wonderful the staff is. (True story)

The CRC has been stupendous! I have made great strides (literally) in correcting my ankle. I have been able to get it straight again when walking, started jogging and running again, and hold/stabilize myself on just my recovering ankle. Way better than I was before!”

Patient of the Month – September 2018

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“A while back, I was struggling with a strong pain that didn’t allow me to be sitting down for long periods of time, I could barely walk, and all hours of the day I struggles with a permanent pain that hurt me no matter the position I was in. The pain was at a level that radiated in my lower back that radiated down my hip and into my left leg. It was swollen and it was causing a huge issue with doing anything in my life.

One of my friends recommended the Community Rehabilitation Clinic. It was close to my house and I didn’t have insurance.

It helped me so much! During the therapy sessions, I found that it was incredible the transformation. I started progressing during treatments and now I can do so much more that I couldn’t do before! Now I can walk to my therapy sessions, get up and down from sitting position and stairs. I can even lift up heavy things! I feel amazing now!”

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