Volunteer of the Month Photo


“During my second semester of volunteering, I had the opportunity to work on some filing at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic with another volunteer. While going through the mass quantity of papers, we were struck by how much good this Clinic does for its patients. We had hundreds of papers with names used for filing, but we had much more than just names. These many names represented individuals, each with their own pain or condition, each searching for some way to better their lives. These people were coming to the CRC for answers that would end their search for relief and restore something lost from their lives. While filing, I recalled one memorable experience. I was working with a lady who had many family responsibilities but could not work or carry her burdens as she wished. I felt humbled and I felt some professional pressure, candidly, that CRC might be this anxious mother’s last hope. She is only one of so many who perceive CRC as their last hope. It gives me great joy to be a part of a place that gives so much hope to so many people.”