Volunteer of the Month Photo

“My experience here at the CRC has been eye opening for me. Watching during the orthopedic clinic was interesting to see the translation along with watching the Physical Therapist and learning a lot from him. During the MS clinic, my experience can be described as a fun learning experience. The patient are a lot of fun to talk to and I have been able to learn a lot about exercises and how to handle them with MS patients.

I would summarize my experience as a fun learning experience that exposed me to many different cultures and ways of life that I had not had much exposure to before.”

Kim has been an amazing volunteer! She heard about the CRC from her UVU Physical Therapy Advisor to allow her to get volunteer hours for PT school. She has been able to shadow the Physical Therapist during the orthopedic clinic sessions and assist patients during the MS clinic to do exercises. She is kind, connects very well with the patients, and has always been consistent to come in and help when the CRC is short on volunteers.