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Volunteer of the Month – Joel

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“During my second semester of volunteering, I had the opportunity to work on some filing at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic with another volunteer. While going through the mass quantity of papers, we were struck by how much good this Clinic does for its patients. We had hundreds of papers with names used for filing, but we had much more than just names. These many names represented individuals, each with their own pain or condition, each searching for some way to better their lives. These people were coming to the CRC for answers that would end their search for relief and restore something lost from their lives. While filing, I recalled one memorable experience. I was working with a lady who had many family responsibilities but could not work or carry her burdens as she wished. I felt humbled and I felt some professional pressure, candidly, that CRC might be this anxious mother’s last hope. She is only one of so many who perceive CRC as their last hope. It gives me great joy to be a part of a place that gives so much hope to so many people.”

Volunteer of the Month – September 2019

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UVU student

“I heard about the volunteer opportunity at this clinic from a UVU Pre-PT newsletter. It let me know that the Community Rehabilitation Clinic was in need of volunteers. I am a pre-Physical Therapy student and I was looking for both volunteer hours and experiences in different kinds of clinics, so it seemed like the perfect experience for me. I started coming in and assisting Physical Therapists with their exercises. I also helped with keeping the clinic running smoothly by cleaning beds, changing pillowcases, doing laundry, etc.  Honestly, I have worked in a few different clinics and this one, by far, is the best atmosphere! There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to treating patients and the PTs and PTAs take the time to teach the volunteers about the purpose behind each exercise and treatment.”

Jenna has been a fantastic volunteer! She is not afraid to put her own personality into the treatments that she helps with. The patients enjoy her enthusiasm, humor, and the positivity that she brings to the clinic! She is eager to learn and is quick to build better relationships with patients, employees and volunteers around her.

Volunteer of the Month – June 2019

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“I was looking for volunteer opportunities at Mountainlands Family Health Center next to the CRC, but they had none. They told me to go next door to the PT Clinic. I was looking for volunteer hours for my Medical School application and had been looking into different medical fields trying to decide which career path to take. At the CRC, I’ve been cleaning, working with MS patients, translating Spanish, and helping patients exercise. It’s been excellent!  All of the staff are helpful and friendly and the therapists answer my questions and facilitate my learning. I feel welcomed and learn every time I walk into the clinic. I look forward to my time in the CRC every day.”

Victor has been an awesome volunteer! He has been very teachable and willing to work around schedules to help with patients and translate whenever we need! He works well with the patients and is always positive and great!

Volunteer of the Month – April 2019

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I heard about the clinic by word of mouth. A classmate or fellow Anatomy TA highly recommended this MS clinic as a great volunteer opportunity and good place to get more experience in the PT profession. My primary application of the accumulating volunteer hours are for strengthening my applications to PT schools. However, after working at the clinic for almost a year, the reason I keep coming back is because of the close relationships I have formed with the MS patients. I believe also in the purpose and vision of the MS clinic and I wanted to help. My primary responsibilities have been assisting patients with exercises and stretches and general cleaning and upkeep of the clinic and equipment.

I have loved volunteering at the clinic every week. It is so much more than a box to check on my to-do list. It is a very real opportunity to quite literally ‘lift up the hands that hand down and strengthen the feeble knees.’ I treasure the relationships in this clinic that have blossomed over the months. It feels like family now. Bet and Natisha have taken me under their wings and taught me so much! Volunteering at the CRC is a unique experience because the volunteers are allowed to do a large range of hands-on therapy and stretches. I highly recommend this volunteer opportunity to anyone with interest.

Volunteer of the Month – December 2018

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“I’ve been volunteering at the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in the Community Rehabilitation Clinic for 5 weeks and it has been one of the best environments I’ve worked in any clinic. I didn’t know what to expect being the first time I’ve worked with neurological patients, but every time I come in, I’ve learned so much about MS that I never knew before. The patients bring a great spirit to the clinic every visit. They are a lot of fun to work with. My time volunteering here has been totally worth it.”

J.R. has been a great help to the MS Clinic! He heard about the clinic through the BYU Physical Therapy Club and he needs Neurological Hours for physical therapy school. He has assisted physical therapists and physical therapy assistants by helping patients with MS do their exercises. He also performed manual stretches, assisted patients during gait exercises and helped transfer patients when needed. He is very observant, well – focused, and gets along great with the patients.

Volunteer of the Month – September 2018

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“My experience here at the CRC has been eye opening for me. Watching during the orthopedic clinic was interesting to see the translation along with watching the Physical Therapist and learning a lot from him. During the MS clinic, my experience can be described as a fun learning experience. The patient are a lot of fun to talk to and I have been able to learn a lot about exercises and how to handle them with MS patients.

I would summarize my experience as a fun learning experience that exposed me to many different cultures and ways of life that I had not had much exposure to before.”

Kim has been an amazing volunteer! She heard about the CRC from her UVU Physical Therapy Advisor to allow her to get volunteer hours for PT school. She has been able to shadow the Physical Therapist during the orthopedic clinic sessions and assist patients during the MS clinic to do exercises. She is kind, connects very well with the patients, and has always been consistent to come in and help when the CRC is short on volunteers.