How to Volunteer for Non-RMU Students

We are excited that you’re willing to come volunteer with us! We would love to let you know a little bit about our clinic! The Community Rehabilitation Clinic (also known as the CRC or CRC Physical Therapy) is a non-profit organization that provides free physical therapy for the underserved community. The only requirements our patients have to be accepted are to one, not have health insurance, and two, have low or no income.

Our services are completely free for our patients, and our clinic is run by grants and donations from foundations. Rocky Mountain University Foundation helps us find the donations and grants to keep us open, so we are closely associated with the University! As well as a lot of our physical therapists are also professors at Rocky Mountain University, and they are very education-based; they are all willing to answer questions and teach you as they go along!

We have different aspects of physical therapy that we do cover: orthopedic, neurological (which specifically includes an MS-specific wellness program that is twice a week), EMGs (nerve conduction studies), vestibular, and pelvic floor therapy. If you’re interested in one in particular, in the form below, you can specify.

Thank you! To get involved, fill out the Volunteer Application below. If you have any questions, please contact Natisha Bethers at (801)375-2041 or email at [email protected].

During COVID-19

First and foremost, our priority is the safety of our patients, staff, interns, and volunteers. Because of this, even though we would love to have every single one of you volunteer at the clinic, we are unable to take everyone that applies! Regardless, we would love to have everyone apply and if we have opportunities that fit with your availability, we will reach out to you! No matter what, we will definitely keep your applications on file, and will periodically send schedule update forms each semester. if you are no longer interested in volunteering, please let us know, that way I can remove you from our contact list! We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be patient with us as we try our best to still accommodate volunteers during this tough time while ensuring everyone’s safety!

How to Volunteer as a Current RMU Student

RMU does have a course that gives their students the chance to be in the clinic and receive credit for it. Enroll in the RMU 3 Credit Hour Service Learning Course (SL540) and fill out a volunteer application form below. For any questions from RMU Students, contact Dr. Coleby Clawson CRC Clinic Director (801)375-2041, or if you can’t reach him, contact Dr. Mark Horacek Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (801)734-8340 [email protected].

New UVU/BYU Internship Opportunities

We are opening up an internship for BYU and UVU students for Winter semester; more information will be posted on the website soon. For now, if you’re interested in applying for the internship, fill out this form instead of the volunteer form:

If you have any questions, contact Natisha Bethers as well.

Volunteer Application Form